Lombardy Grey Velvet Bar Stool


Lombardy Grey Velvet Bar Stool


The Lombardy Grey Velvet Bar Stool is a stylish and comfortable addition to any home bar or kitchen island. Here’s a breakdown of its key features

  1. Design: The Lombardy bar stool is designed with attention to detail, focusing on aesthetics and comfort. The use of grey velvet for the upholstery gives it a luxurious and modern look.
  2. Comfort: The cushioned seats and armrests suggest that comfort is a top priority with this bar stool. This is particularly important for long periods of sitting or entertaining guests at a bar or high table.
  3. Height: Tall bar stools are ideal for use at home bars, kitchen islands, and high tables. They provide a comfortable seating option for elevated surfaces and can contribute to an elegant decor.
  4. Legs: The sturdy legs are an important feature to ensure stability and durability. The beautiful finish on the legs likely adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the stool.
  5. Footrest: The crossbar footrest is a practical addition to bar stools. It allows people to rest their feet comfortably while seated, which can be especially important for taller stools.
  6. Overall Appearance: Based on the description, the Lombardy Grey Velvet Bar Stool appears to be a visually striking piece of furniture, combining both style and functionality.

When considering purchasing this bar stool, you may want to also check for additional details such as the specific dimensions to ensure it meets your needs and fits well within your home decor.


Weight8 kg