Pair of Light Grey Velvet Umbria Bar Stools


Pair of Umbria Light Grey Velvet Bar Stools

Umbria light grey velvet bar stool is the modern imagination of classic bar stools. The bar stool’s concave outline contours inwards to form the ingenious backrest and seat. Its shape mimics the triangle stitched pattern beautifying the upholstered light grey velvet fabric.

The padded seat curves from each end to create classy armrests. The cushioned backrest embraces you from the back, closing in on you to provide you with a snug and comfortable fit. While its innovative and bold design attracts attention, its light grey hue brings subtlety.

The kitchen bar stools are not just easy on the eye but also easy on the body. Coming with a 360-degree swivel, you can adjust the bar stool’s height to prevent strains on your neck and body. The breakfast bar stools’ elegant black chrome polished leg and circular footrest further its appeal. For more inspiration on bar stools in the kitchen why not visit

It also gives you added incentive to make it a part of your contemporary décor. If its uniqueness and functionality you desire, the light grey velvet bar stools are what you need. Perfect for the kitchen area for a kitchen island or dining area. We deliver to anywhere in Ireland within a matter of days.


  • Ergonomic Design
  • Polished Chrome Finish on Black Frame
  • Armrest and Circular Footrest
  • Padded Light Grey Triangle Stitched Velvet Seat
  • Variable Height Gas Lift with 360 Swivel
  • Protective Base Protects Floors
  • Pair of Bar Stools
  • Delivery takes 6-7 working days


Umbria Light Grey Bar Stool