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New styles of bar stools

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New Styles of Upmarket Barstools



Are you looking for trendy bar stools? There are lots of bar stools out there that will perfectly fit your kitchen needs. The upmarket steel industry has been upgraded with different types of bar stools. It consists of chrome plating and some dazzling mirror.



Bar stools have become widely used by many people. You can’t have a drink without sitting on a bar stool. Bar stools are timeless part of a nation’s culture.  That is why manufacturers continue to innovate and develop news styles of bar stools. 


black bar stools
black bar stools




Real Leather High Back Stool



This kind of bar stool also looks perfect for your kitchen. This is another type of real leather bar stools. The bar stool has a versatile look that also comes with varieties of colors. It also has a T-bar as a footrest to provide ease and a resting spot for the feet and legs.



Real Leather Crescent Bar Stool



This luxury type of bar stool has a beautifully finished footrest. This perfectly fits the kitchen needs because of its sturdiness. It also has a unique seat style that you will surely love. From the name itself, “crescent” is what makes it an arching backrest. The real Leather Crescent Bar Stool also has varieties of colors such as black, brown, cream, and white which makes it look luxurious. bar stools ireland