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How to brighten up a dark kitchen with bar stools

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How to Brighten up a Dark Kitchen with bar stools

The kitchen is probably the most important room in the house. It’s where we prepare our tea\coffee, make the children packed lunches, bake cakes, and host dinner for our nearest and dearest. Yet most of us make do with a small, dark kitchen. Home cooking is becoming more and more popular, and the kitchen has become an important social get together, as well as a highly functional room. Therefore, it’s now more important than ever that even the smallest kitchen is welcoming, comfortable and bright.

Thankfully we’ve come across a few great ideas which can help brighten up small or dark kitchens for the same price as a few takeaways..

1. Add a flash of bright colour

A few bold and bright Kitchen Stools can lift the whole look of the room. All eyes will instantly be drawn to this colour, making everything else seem brighter as a result. Matching a few different pieces – for instance, a row of  Red bar stools could match a red teapot and red placemats. This will give your kitchen a professional look, as well as brightening the room as a whole.

2.Keep Walls White

It’s the oldest trick in the book, but that’s because it proven to work! White walls reflect the light and can make even the darkest space feel infinitely brighter. Plus, it goes with everything!

Paint at least two coats of good quality white paint on the walls so you end up with an opaque and creamy finish. And why not consider carrying on the paint job to update open shelving or cupboards as well?

3. Feature of Fresh Produce

Invest in a beautiful fruit bowl and keep it topped up at all times with a variety of fun and unusual fruits. Pineapples always look great in these displays, Keeping the place looking fresh and light. There is a furniture trade show yearly in Ireland for you get more ideas on how your bar stools would look in a kitchen