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Picking a colour to suit

Bar stool colour options

Picking a colour that suits –

Bar stool colour options

If you are unsure on what colour of bar stool to go with why not ask for a fabric sample of the bar stool and we can send this out to give you an idea if it will suit your plans.

While bar stools have always remained a popular choice among people, it’s the colour grey that has been making the rounds lately. More specifically, grey bar stools have become the go-to option for homeowners looking to create a sophisticated, fashionable, and trendy grey interior.

If that took you by surprise, as often people associate the colour grey with being boring and dull, we have another surprise waiting for you!

Grey Breakfast Bar Stools Are a Hit with Homeowners

A shade that’s neither white nor black insinuates elegance and simplicity. Over the years, grey has taken over kitchens and dominated the colour game. Grey invokes feelings of security, inclusion, belonging, and acceptance— all things one wants from their surroundings.



With the kitchen being one of the most frequented places in the house, incorporating the colour grey into the theme makes sense. Although you will find a variety of colours in bar stools, grey stools have become the most sought out as of late.

Mainly because grey is a neutral colour. You can use it to create a beautiful contrasting or uniform theme. Even though it may seem like your options would be limited, you’ll be happy to learn that grey comes in several wonderful shades.

The Various Shades of Grey

Grey is available in different tones. When you’re decorating your kitchen, the likelihood of finding the right shade of grey is high. Here is a list of the most common shades of grey:


Light Grey is a subtle and warm and inviting colour that helps create an illusion of openness by making small rooms look bigger. You can select a light grey colour with a hint of silver.



Dark Grey effortlessly blends into the environment. Dark grey breakfast bar stools exude style and create a bright and lively contrast with vibrant colours. You can layer many different shades of deep grey to create an intense and complex theme for your kitchen. Grey undertones creates a balance between a comfortable and casual look and a chic look. If your kitchen has wood accents and tones, grey barstools will act as the ideal companion piece to tie the whole theme together.


Other fantastic shades of grey include grey with beige undertones, grey with blue undertones, and grey with purple undertones.

  • Velvet dark Grey , better known as “greige,” adds warmth to kitchens. Pair it with bold accents such as burnt orange or vibrant yellow.
  • Velvet light Grey is a cool shade that’s best combined with warm coloured decorations and accents. If the walls of your kitchen are a deep dark red or your kitchen island is a lovely burgundy colour, grey breakfast bar stools will match flawlessly with it.
  • Leather light Grey will soothe and relax your mind and body. You can pair this shade with either red or orange décor.

If you want to give your kitchen the gift of serenity and sophistication, grey bar stools are your answer. Explore our awesome collection of breakfast bar stools to find a shade that complements your theme. If you live in Dublin, Cork, Galway, or a different city, order from us today, as we deliver across Ireland.