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Bar Stools Ireland

Where we deliver in Ireland

Where we deliver   We deliver bar stools across Ireland whether it be in Dublin, Cork, Donegal or Limerick we have you covered. Delivery is

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Bar Stools Ireland

How to fix a Squeaky Bar Stool

How to fix a Squeaky Bar Stool   From time to time, bar stools may begin to squeak. But there’s no need to panic –

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Bar Stools Ireland

Bar Stools in Ireland

Bar Stools Ireland   For more than a decade, we have been in selling bar stools in Ireland. It’s not uncommon for people to wonder,

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Bar Stools Ireland

What Colour of Bar Stools to Pick ?

Selecting a bar stool colour requires more thought and planning. You can’t select a light or dark colour just because it’s your favourite shade. Although