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What Colour of Bar Stools to Pick ?

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Selecting a bar stool colour requires more thought and planning. You can’t select a light or dark colour just because it’s your favourite shade. Although you may like the colour, it may clash with your kitchen’s theme.

Remember, the colour sets the atmosphere of the living space. It can either blend flawlessly with your theme or stand out boldly for all the right reasons. If it clashes, it can pull down the entire look of your kitchen.

Don’t make the mistake of picking white bar stools in a setting that calls for red bar stools for instance. The easiest way to ensure you buy the right bar stool colour is to learn more about the various shades and then follow tips to select the right colour.

Popular Bar Stool Colours

You know the type of barstool you want for your home but it’s the colour selection that has got you in a bind. You may think that you need to get an interior designer on board to get out of this situation but all you need to know is a little background on the most popular colours for barstools.

Black Bar Stools

Black bar stools are versatile and complement a wide range of themes. The neutral colour is also a great deceiver due to its ability to hide dirt. Instead of getting solid black bar stools, you can play with patterns and textures. The black bar stool can have a beautiful square or diamond-shaped pattern, which will surely attract the attention of your guests.

Blue Bar Stools

Blue bar stools have become a popular choice among homeowners opting for a retro theme. That’s not to say that you can’t use it to add a little pop of colour to your space. Blue bar stools pair well with contemporary and nautical themes.

White Bar Stools

White bar stools have the unique ability to complement all types of themes. The versatile shade combines nicely with cream kitchen counters and islands and cream finishes. Just like black bar stools, white doesn’t have to be boring and is available in a wide range of patterns and textures.

Cream Bar Stools

Cream bar stools a pastel shade of yellow, combine wonderfully with bright shades, creating the perfect balance and enhancing the theme. If you have settled on a larger seating design for your kitchen, opt to create a light and airy look using cream bar stools, as they can reduce the area’s visual impact. If you’re working with a small and compact area such as a contemporary breakfast bar or a galley kitchen, a cream bar stool is the way to go!

Grey Bar Stools

Grey bar stools are a multipurpose colour with the ability to bring a level of softness to faux leather material while exuding glamour and style. Smoked or dark grey bar stools create an eye-catching smouldering and luminous look.

Light grey stools will become the focal point in contemporary bohemian or earthy-styled kitchens decorated with plants and flowers. Referred to as the timeless shade, grey creates a soothing and warm environment, especially in kitchens with wooden elements.

Moreover, you can pair the grey bar stool with a vibrant kitchen island or a grey breakfast bar. Whether you aim to create a classy or cosy look, grey will be the right choice for both.

Red Bar Stools

Red bar stools can shake things up and the colour red is often described as a powerful and bold shade. The retro colour will jump out at you when paired with grey, white, and brown shades. Red also comes in various shades— some darker and some lighter.

Regardless of the type of red you choose, it’ll be an attention-stealer. By adding a hint of colour with red bar stools, you can make any contemporary theme shine. Since it’s a bright and vibrant colour, using it wrong can spell disaster.

Pink Bar Stools

Pink bar stools aren’t as uncommon as you think. While you’re right that pink is not the most commonly chosen colour among homeowners who look for consistency in design, that thought process has been slowly changing over time.

In modern homes, you’ll discover contrasting colours. People have started using vibrant and bright shades such as pink to imbue energy and a sense of personality and life to the room. Defined as having playful and effeminate features combined with calming qualities, the colour pink is a festive and fun shade to choose for your stool. Choose pink bar stools to move away from tradition and embrace the unconventional.

Green Bar Stools

Green bar stools can brighten your kitchen and add a splash of colour to it. It can bring the “wow” factor your kitchen needs to look its best. Although you won’t see a lot of homeowners choosing green bar stools but they don’t know what you know, green is a fantastic way to add a little bit of vintage flair to your theme.

Merging contemporary elements with traditional elements is a great way to show off your interior design prowess and talent. With various shades of green available, you’ll find a shade that works for you.

Orange Bar Stools

Orange bar stoola will get your creative juices flowing! You can style your living space around the colour orange. When you use orange in your colour scheme, you’re thinking out of the box. It’s a creative and exciting shade to use for kitchen islands and counters. Put orange bar stools in a dull and boring room and watch it come to life. It really is a game-changer. Orange stools can either introduce a vintage and timeless appeal or create a contemporary feel.

Golden Rules of Choosing the Right Barstool Colour

Here are the golden rules for picking the right colour for your barstool:

  • Consider how you plan to use the room.
  • Think about the feel or ambiance you want to create.
  • Create a balanced look by using strong patterns with subdued patterns to prevent overpowering your space.
  • Use the 60-30-10 rule. 60% (dominant colour), 30% (secondary colour or texture), and 10% (accent colour). The dominant colour is the background colour, the secondary colour supports the dominant colour, and the accent colour creates a neutral or bold look. The barstool colour comes under accent colour.
  • Think about the lighting in the room and its effect on the textures and colours. Consider details such as the colour of cabinets and counter for instance.

For more inspiration on the type of barstool colour you should get for your kitchen, browse our diverse collection of barstools, available in every shade!

If you know the colour you want or want to build the theme around the colour of the barstool, start your search right away and place your order with us. We deliver orange, green, blue, white, cream, blue, black, and grey bar stools to your home or business in Galway, Cork, Dublin, and all over Ireland. 

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