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For more than a decade, we have been in selling bar stools in Ireland. It’s not uncommon for people to wonder, “Why kitchen bar stools?”

Our answer: “Whether it’s in the kitchen or a bar, you’ll always find a bar stool accompanying a kitchen island or counter.”

Even if you need more seating space, you’ll find that kitchen stools are the perfect investment. With that in mind, we started creating premium quality and durable bar stools. However, that wasn’t enough to spread the word.

But ensuring customer satisfaction was.

Our next focus became fulfilling orders. So, we upped our game and emphasised getting orders at the door within a matter of days, on time, and across Ireland. No matter where you are— in Limerick, Waterford, Donegal, Clare, Dublin, or any other city— we’ll deliver to you. Still, something felt amiss.

While our customers were happy, they needed more. They needed options!

Now, kitchen bar stools are ever-evolving, and we knew just what to do. We gave them a diverse selection of bar stools, all in different styles and colours. We also kept a close eye on the ongoing evolution of kitchen stools.

Have a look at our collection and you’ll see that we have every style and colour you can possibly imagine keeping in your kitchen or bar. From black, red, and pink bar stools, we have something to suit everyone.

How we got to this point is what we would like to share with you today.

Our research on the changing trend in bar stools uncovered a fascinating history of how they evolved over the years.

History of Kitchen Bar Stools

Back in the day, you would only see bar stools in bars and pubs but they have come a long way since then. With time bar stools found a place in our homes, specifically our kitchens. Before kitchen stools debuted in contemporary themed homes, they made their debut as a folding stool with a skin or fabric seat and a framed stool with wood.

The Romans, Greeks, and even the Vikings used folding and framed stools. As for the modern version of the stool, it came in the early 17th century. We’ll take you through the history of kitchen bar stools to further your understanding.

The Humble Beginnings of Kitchen Stools

Chairs represented status in olden times. The more extravagant and embellished the chair, the higher the social standing. A basic bar stool served as a seating option for people declared worthy to sit at a table but not deserving of an ornate chair.

While the bar stool mostly indicated social status, every culture perceived it a little differently. For instance, helpers and children sat on kitchen bar stools during the Roman era whereas royals sat on bar stools in Africa with people much lower than them sitting on the floor.

When did it all change?

The 1800s saw a shift in the perception of using chairs to depict a person’s status in society. The start of the Industrial Revolution increased the production of chairs and with it, people’s access to them. Commonly, bars, pubs, and restaurants kept bar stools made of wood and without a backrest because of their ability to last several years.

In fact, bar stools became all the rage in the 1950s and 1960s with almost every bar and restaurant owner keeping them in their establishment.

But the advancement of technology had other plans for bar stools.

As technology advanced, so did the size, style, and shape of the bar stool. After a while, bar stools were no longer just a seating option for bars and restaurants, but homeowners became enamoured by them. Overnight, bar stools dominated homes, becoming a staple in the kitchen.

The modern-day kitchen bar stools come in various styles and colours such as our beautiful blue bar stools. You can also choose a bar stool based on its material. Although some sellers use wood, which is a common material used to create kitchen stools, the most popular option remains a chrome finished metal stool with either velvet or faux leather seats.

Envision sophisticated green bar stools in your vintage-inspired and rustic-themed kitchen.

With lots of colours and styles available, you can dream up the wildest and most unique combinations to use to decorate your kitchen or living room. Although those two features factor in your decision to buy, the rapid progression of technology has also given us the following:

Adjustability (gas-lift stools to adjust height)

360-degree swivel (turn around with ease)

Backrest, armrest, and footrest (the ultimate comfort)

Ergonomically designed (say goodbye to pains and aches)

You no longer have to settle for an uncomfortable bar stool to entertain your guests, as today’s bar stools don’t cause discomfort. Current bar stools are made for sitting on for several hours, thus making them the ideal pair for your kitchen island.

Wouldn’t that make them a costly purchase though?

Not if you know where to look. A bar stool that’s extra cheap is most probably made from poor-quality material. However, you don’t want it to be too expensive either. What you want is a fair and affordable price from a renowned and reputable bar stool seller in Ireland.

Where can you buy bar stools for sale that offer all that?

We offer all that and so much more! Using high-quality material, we create our bar stools in various styles. Our reasonably priced stools will fit any budget. Since we have a diverse collection of bar stools, we are confident that you can find a bar stool within your budget.

More importantly, as a first-rate bar stool supplier, we adapt to the changing styles of kitchen bar stools to always provide you with the latest designs. Whether you are searching for orange bar stools in Ireland or another fantastic colour, you can get them from us.

Our sole focus is to create bar stools that allow us to meet your expectations and put your satisfaction first.

You’re a quick click away from ordering a bar stool. Look through our selection of bar stools for sale to place in your kitchen. We deliver across Ireland. Regardless of where you are in the country, you’ll get your kitchen island’s second-half— an exquisitely designed bar stool.