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Buying Guide:  Getting the Perfect Bar Stools

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Buying Guide:  Getting the Perfect Bar Stools

Bar stools have become a common fixture in our kitchens. We love the styles, the colours, and the flexibility they offer. They can liven up an existing theme, help create a new theme, or increase seating space.

What you don’t want to do is order kitchen bar stools without knowing the basics of buying one. You want to buy the right bar stool, one that meets all your requirements and also doesn’t look out of place in your space.

Our buying guide for getting the perfect bar stools will make sure that doesn’t happen. Here’s what we will address today:

  • Knowing the Height of Barstools
  • Measuring Barstools
  • Assembling Barstools
  • Buying Barstools

How Tall Are Bar Stools

There are three types of bar stools you will find in the market— counter-height bar stools, bar-height bar stools, and extra-tall bar stools.

1.      Counter-height Bar Stools

Counter-height bar stools usually measure between 58 centimetres and 71 centimetres. Compared to the standard size barstools, they are smaller in size. If you’re looking for kitchen bar stools, this is the one!

2.      Bar-height Bar Stools

Bar-height bar stools generally measure between 73 centimetres and 81 centimetres from floor to seat. If you’re searching for a barstool for your workstation or restaurant, this might be the winner!

3.      Extra-tall Bar Stools

Extra-tall bar stools typically measure between 83 centimetres and 91 centimetres. If you have an extra-tall countertop, you just found its partner!

How Tall Should Bar Stools Be

What’s the difference between the previous question and this one? The earlier question just let you know the common heights available for each type of bar stool.

Now, we want to take the height of the barstool and pair it with the basic surface height of kitchen islands, dining tables, and commercial bar tables. For that, let’s look at “Surface Height” and “Seat Height.”

4.      Kitchen Islands

If the surface height of kitchen islands is 90 centimetres, the seat height should be between 65 centimetres and 70 centimetres.

1.      Dining Tables

If the surface height of dining tables is 75 centimetres, the seat height should be between 45 centimetres and 48 centimetres.

2.      Commercial Bar Tables

If the surface height of commercial bar tables is between 100 centimetres and 110 centimetres, the seat height should be between 75 centimetres and 80 centimetres.

Is having a basic idea enough to buy the perfect bar stools?

It’s always good to have a general understanding of the different bar stool heights available but do you know what’s even better?— Knowing how to correctly measure kitchen bar stools.

How to Measure for Bar Stools

Whether you’re buying a barstool online or in-store, it’s pertinent to get your measurements right. Otherwise, you’ll have an entire collection of bar stools in front of you but not know if it’s an excellent fit. Let’s measure.

  1. You need to measure the height of the kitchen counter from the floor to the top of the surface.
  2. You need to determine the number of centimetres you want between the kitchen counter and your lap. *Tip: The top of the bar stool’s seat needs to be about 25 centimetres from the underside of the counter.
  3. You need to subtract the measurement you got in step 2 from the measurement you got in step 1. You have your target height now.
  4. You need to measure your kitchen counter from end to end to calculate the number of bar stools you have space for. *Tip: There should be a minimum gap of 15 centimetres between each bar stool.

Here are two methods you can use to calculate how many kitchen bar stools you can comfortably fit:

Method #1:  If You Need 4 Bar Stools because You Have 4 Family Members

  • (Divide the size of the space) by (the number of bar stools you need) = to get space per person.
  • (Subtract 20 centimetres) from (Space per person) = to get dismounting and mounting space and get the maximum width for the bar stool.

Method #2:  If You Know What Bar Stool You Want to Buy

  • Measure the kitchen island’s length and barstool’s width.
  • (Add 20 centimetres) to (the barstool’s width) = to allow for dismounting and mounting space.
  • (Divide the kitchen island’s length) by the (barstool’s new width) = to get the number of barstools you require and round it down to the closest whole number.

Apart from calculating the height of barstools and determining how many you need, you also need to learn how to assemble them.

How to Make Bar Stools

Here’s how to assemble adjustable bar stools:

  1. Take the circular base and place it on the surface, place the decorative collar over the base, and take off the black protective cap from the hydraulic cylinder, putting it through the decorative collar and then into the circular base.
  2. Take the Alan Key and the spacers and screws to attach the footrest to the seat.
  3. Push the connected seat and footrest on top of the hydraulic cylinder.
  4. Sit on the barstool to attach both parts together and initiate the gas lift mechanism.

When you order your kitchen bar stools, you will find yourself assembling them like a pro. However, the most crucial part about buying a barstool is picking the right company selling bar stools in Ireland. Even if you measure and order correctly, the quality of the bar stool may disappoint you in the end.

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Where to Buy Bar Stools

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