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Bar Stools for Kitchen Islands

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Bar Stools for Kitchen Islands— Levelling Up Your Kitchen Design


Bar stools for kitchen island

Kitchen islands are the heart of the room and a core piece tying every element together. Their popularity in an open plan kitchen design has only soared, and for good reason too. A kitchen island lets you socialise while cooking and eating and is a great way to entertain family and friends. But your kitchen island is missing its pair— a bar stool.

Bar Stools Bring Out a Kitchen Island’s Best Features

Kitchen bar stools are a game-changer! You’re kicking traditional seating for the kitchen to the curb and opting for a more modern and elegant option. With bar stools, you’re giving your kitchen that extra ingredient it needs to light up and shine.

The Right Bar Stools to Complete Your Kitchen Island

When you close your eyes, do you see white walls, marble countertops, redwood cabinets, black tiles with white grout lines, and a kitchen island with seats? Now, in your imagination, you can change the colour and design of your kitchen but one thing will remain the same— a kitchen island with barstools.

However, the variety of kitchen barstools out there can be a little confusing, and finding the right barstool to combine with your kitchen island can pose a challenge. Fortunately, we’re here to rescue you, as stool and kitchen stools are our area of expertise.

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Our guide on buying bar stools for kitchen islands makes sure you never have to deal with the following issues:

  • “It’s too short or too tall.”
  • “It’s difficult to move.”
  • “It’s uncomfortable to sit in.”

To ensure you never utter these phrases, let’s jump to telling you how to select the right bar stool for your kitchen island.

1.     Bar Height vs. Counter Height

Height refers to how high the seat is off the floor whereas size refers to the depth, width, and general height of the bar stool. When buying a stool, you have to choose between bar height and counter height. Here’s the difference:

Counter Height Stools

  • Measure between 23 inches to 28 inches in height
  • Designed for kitchen islands with a counter-height between 35 inches to 39 inches
  • Ideal choice for kitchens

Bar Height Stools

  • Measure between 29 inches to 32 inches in height at the seat
  • Designed for kitchen islands with a bar height of 41 inches and 43 inches
  • Ideal choice for restaurants and bars

A key rule is to ensure there are about 10 inches between the bar stool and the top of the kitchen island. In terms of size, there should be a 6 inches to 10 inches space between each bar stool.

So, which stool fits your kitchen island?

Get out your tape measure and measure the height of your kitchen island to know whether you need to buy a bar height or counter height stool or better yet, buy one of our adjustable bar stools for maximum comfort.

2.     Comfort Guaranteed

Sitting on a hard surface without a backrest will make you sore all over. If you plan to use your kitchen to host guests, having comfortable seating isn’t a choice but a must! We know the perfect stool to pair with your kitchen island. You need an adjustable bar stool with a footrest, a padded seat and back, and a 360-swivel, which cancels the need to arch your back to talk to someone.

Our bar stools offer all these features plus one more.

Our ergonomic design makes sure chronic lower back pain stays at bay. Also, making a big difference in your comfort level is the quality of the material used to create bar stools.

3.     Quality Goes a Long Way

Do you want to buy a bar stool that lasts several years? The answer is a confident “Yes!” When it comes down to purchasing a bar stool, you’re looking to ask one main question, “What material is the barstool made of?” The reply you’re looking for is upholstered velvet fabric or faux leather material.

Both materials not only offer the utmost comfort but are long-lasting. Another thing to consider is the finish. If it’s a polished chrome finish, it’s a good buy. A polished chrome finish offers a clean, bright, and contemporary look. It’s also corrosion-resistant, which protects the metal underneath from rust.

We are proud to say that our stool and kitchen stools have it all!

Bar stools’ weight and height disbursement features make it even more essential to focus on quality when designing bar stools. For instance, you’re sitting on a small seat placed on long slender legs. If those legs aren’t secured properly to the seat, you’ll have a wobbly stool in your hands.

Not to worry though, because guaranteeing consistent quality is our top priority. But, we sense you have another concern in mind. Besides longevity, you don’t want the hassle of maintenance either.

4.     Low Maintenance and Easy to Clean

A good bar stool does not leave scuff marks on the floor. The features that make a bar stool low maintenance and easy to clean are its material and design. Your kitchen floor will remain scratch-free, thanks to our bar stools’ durable chrome base with rubber feet.

Here’s how it benefits you:

  • Move the barstool, if needed, because its chrome base and rubber feet give your surface added protection and ensure your floor remains unscathed.
  • Chrome base and rubber feet keep your bar stool steady. No falls here!
  • 360-swivel allows you to move in your bar stool without having to move it.

What makes the bar stool easy to clean?

It’s material, of course! If you have little kids running around, we recommend going with bar stools made from faux leather material with a polished chrome finish. With these two materials combined, cleaning your bar stool will be a piece of cake.

Don’t have kids or your kids have grown out of the “spill phase,” get the bar stool with upholstered velvet fabric. If a spill does occur, tend to it right away. Now that you know how to select a bar stool for your kitchen island, let’s talk about why bar stools are an absolute necessity for your open kitchen plan.

3 Reasons Your Kitchen Island Needs Bar Stools

Can you imagine a kitchen island without bar stools around it? If you have seen one, you know something looks amiss. Your kitchen needs bar stools for a variety of reasons such as sitting, eating, doing work, and more. Their multi-purpose quality is what draws people to them. Here are the reasons that will draw you to them:

·        Stylish Space-savers!

Kitchen islands have become the hub of homes. It’s where chatter and laughs are heard. It’s where family and friends gather to reminisce about old times or dig into a delicious meal. They can’t do it standing up because for conversations to last, they need to be relaxed and comfortable.

Having a few stylish barstools complementing your kitchen island can keep the party going. Additionally, stool and kitchen stools serve as space-savers. In an open kitchen plan that connects to the living room, things can get quite congested depending on the number of people you have over, as most will prefer to sit where the sofas and seats are. Adding bulky furniture will make the entire room feel even more crowded. Barstools solve this problem, as they are compact and don’t take up a lot of space.

·        Create a Vibrant Style with Colours

Let’s play with colours! Bar stools come in a variety of gorgeous shades. For people who play it safe by choosing neutral and muted colours and tones, they can go wild when choosing a colour for their barstool. Some of our most frequently bought colours include wine red, navy blue, yellow, red, purple, and dark green.

We do have the conventional white, cream, black, and grey barstools, which look great in bold and loud settings. In the end, it depends on your individual style. Where do you lean? — Contemporary, minimalist, or traditional. We have options matching your unique sense of style.

·        Create a Serene Atmosphere

You want your kitchen to communicate a sense of serenity and calm. If several bright colours make the interior of your kitchen, consider softening the look with a barstool with a cream coloured shade. It will immediately create a laidback and comfortable environment, one that’s ideal for enjoyable discussions between loved ones.

Bar Stools— It’s Not a Kitchen without Them

Barstools and kitchen islands are like two peas in a pod. One can’t be without the other. If you’re in search of the perfect barstool, look no further than us! We supply bar stools in Ireland, from Cork, Galway, to Dublin. We’re here to help you find a barstool that complements your kitchen island and makes your kitchen the centre of get-togethers. Explore our diverse collection of bar stools for kitchen islands right away.

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