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What height of bar stool do I need ?

What height of bar stool do I need ?


You find yourself browsing our range of high stools. You come across several you like but can’t favorite any because you still have to figure out the height of the bar stool you need for your kitchen island. Getting the height wrong can create an uncomfortable and uninviting space for your family and friends.

It also doesn’t look appealing to the eye. Therefore, the last thing you want is to get stuck with several bar stools that are either too tall or too short for your kitchen island. That’s why, it’s important to measure the height of bar stools, and knowing what type of high stool you need makes shopping for one faster and easier.

3 Main Bar Stool Heights to Consider

The three main bar stool heights you can consider when looking for bar stools:

1.      Table Bar Stool Height

If your table top is anywhere from 70 to 76 centimetres in height, you’re looking for high stools ranging from 40 to 24 centimetres in height.

2.      Counter Bar Stool Height

If your countertop is anywhere from 90 to 95 centimetres in height, you’re looking for high stools ranging from 60 to 75 centimetres in height.

3.      Bar Stool Height

If your bar top is anywhere from 101 to 106 centimetres in height, you’re looking for high stools that are 75 centimetres in height and above.

This is just a guide to give you a rough idea of the type of high stools for kitchen island you need to consider buying. To get an accurate picture in mind, we need to do the math.

4 Steps Will Determine the Correct Height of Your Bar Stool

Here’s how to determine the height of the barstool:

  • Step 1: Measure the height of your kitchen island from the ground to the top of the surface.
  • Step 2: Determine how many centimetres you want between your lap and your kitchen island. The general rule is that the top of the high stool’s seat needs to be around 25 centimetres from the underside of the kitchen island.
  • Step 3: Subtract this number from “Step 2” from the value from “Step 1.” This will give you your target height for bar stools.
  • Step 4: Measure your kitchen island from one end to the other to determine the number of bar stools that can comfortably fit. Give at least 15 centimetres of space between each high stool.

Remember, you measure bar stools from the floor to the top of its seat. To make it easier for you, we have listed the seat’s height in the product description to help you measure where you will place the bar stool in relation to your kitchen island.

Quick Tips

  • 23 to 28 centimetres for legroom allows you to move and cross your legs. Measure the underside of the kitchen island to the floor and then subtract 23 to 28 centimetres from it. It also depends on the amount of legroom you need.
  • The average width of the seat is around 42 centimetres and if the barstool has armrests, the width increase to around 55 centimetres. You should leave at least 15 centimetres of space between each barstool to allow you to turn, drink, and eat comfortably.
  • The bigger the backrest, the more depth it will add to the stool. A stool’s average depth is about 40 centimetres. With a backrest, the depth will increase between 5 centimetres and 12 centimetres.

With the measurements in hand, you will find yourself staring at a maze of stools. Yes, you will filter stools by their specifications that match your calculations but also by type.

4 Types of Bar Stools to Choose From

Your search for high stools will expose you to four types of bar stools, each distinguishable by its features. Determining the style and features you want your bar stool to have will help you select one that works well with your kitchen island. Here are four types of bar stools to choose from:

1.      Backless Barstools

Backless bar stools are made from a wide range of materials such as wood, metal, and acrylic. Even though wooden bar stools create an excellent aesthetic environment, they aren’t good for long-term seating. However, for short-term seating, they are great. Our collection includes both backless stools and stools with backrests.

2.      Barstools with Armrests

Is ultimate comfort the main feature you’re looking for in a high stool? In that case, you’re in luck, as we do carry a large collection of bar stools with armrests. Instead of awkwardly trying to find a spot to put your arms, you can put them on the armrests.

If you are dead set on buying a barstool with armrests, you may have to compromise on the number of stools you want to buy. Compared to other styles, these are wider, which means you may not be able to fit several bar stools underneath your kitchen island. We go a step further and provide a resting place for your feet, as our barstools feature a footrest.

3.      Bar stools with Upholstered Seat

If your kitchen island is your dining table, high stools with upholstered seats will give you the best of both worlds. They are more formal and stylish than wooden bar stools and also offer comfort and support. You can sit in them for hours without experiencing any discomfort.

When your friends and family come over, the bar stools with upholstered seats will definitely catch their attention, especially if you buy our high-quality barstools.  Keeping your comfort in mind, we use high-density foam to design our upholstered seats.

4.      Swivel Bar stools

Swivel barstools make talking to multiple people easier. No need to turn your head or back but just your barstool. You will always be in the conversation. A quick turn of the barstool and you’re a part of it. With swivel barstools, you don’t need to move it even the slightest to get out, hence making it an ideal option for people who want to eat and go out the door quickly. Our high stools offer a 360-degree motion.

5.      Adjustable Barstools

Adjustable barstools solve all your problems! You can increase and decrease the height, adjusting it to your desired height. No matter who sits on the barstool, they will be at complete ease. Regardless of where you place them in your house, they will always be the perfect fit for your kitchen island. We sell adjustable gas-lift bar stools to ensure every person gets a seat at the table irrespective of height and size.

Do You Want a Backrest, Armrest, Footrest, Upholstered Seating, Adjustability, and a 360-degree Swivel?

Well, You Got It!

Our vast selection of barstools offers every feature that makes a barstool flawless. We deliver barstools across Ireland. Whether you live in Dublin, Cork, or Galway, we’ll deliver right to your home or business. Get in touch with us if you have any questions about finding the ideal barstool for your kitchen, dining room, bar, or restaurant.