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Our new range of velvet bar stools

Our new range of velvet bar stools


You want bar stools that communicate both comfort and style. You’re looking for quality, colour, and affordability. Your new stool needs to be a conversation starter! All these features are hard to come by. It involves spending endless hours searching for a stool that ticks all the right boxes. What If We Told You That Our New Velvet Bar stools Do Just That ? Colour and Design Variety ,You just want a hint of colour— not too loud and not too subtle. The colour needs to pop but also compliment your kitchen or living room’s theme. It might be difficult to pinpoint exactly the type of barstool you need because you only have a vague idea in your head, and that’s why we’re here to help. Our Diverse Collection of Velvet Bar stools Is Available in Various Colours and Designs.

We have something for everyone!


  • Do you need adjustable barstools?
  • Do you need adjustable and crushed velvet bar stools?
  • Do you need a counter barstool?

If you said yes to one of the questions, you’re in the right place. Our velvet bar stools are available in several exciting colours. You can select from a lovely dark grey or light grey bar stool. You can go for an eye-catching shade such as navy blue or yellow. Although our bar stools are stunning to look at but wait till you sit in one. One of the reasons, if not the main one, is you buy bar stools to create a comfortable environment. You want to entertain several people and need an indoor or outdoor seating arrangement. Since you plan to have family and friends over, you don’t want a stool that will give them back pain or cause them to shift uncomfortably.When You Sit in Our Velvet Bar stools, Discomfort and Fatigue Will Be the Last Thing on Your Mind. Our ergonomically designed bar stool will allow you to sit comfortably in it for hours.

Benefits of  An Ergonomic Bar stool Design


  • Higher seating positions your thighs in a downward angle, thus causing your lower back and pelvis to remain in a neutral position. This allows your spine to acquire a natural curve.
  • Sitting on a barstool promotes “Active Sitting.” Active Sitting can strengthen your back muscles and core.
  • Padded velvet seats increase comfort.
  • Adjustable barstools allow you to adjust the stool to your preferred height.

We Didn’t Become One of the Best Suppliers of Bar stools in Ireland Overnight! Our Consistent Quality Made Us a Part of Your Home

Our bar stools are made from premium quality velvet and come with a polished chrome finish. Both offer long-term benefits to the user.

Benefits of Velvet Fabrics


  • Blends seamlessly with various décor themes.
  • Creates an aesthetically pleasing look.
  • Keeps the seat warm during winters.
  • Soft and comfortable fabric.

Benefits of Chrome Finish


  • Improves hardness and corrosion-resistant of floors.
  • Increases durability.
  • Creates a smooth and shiny surface that’s easy to clean.

Velvet Bar stools— the Flawless Finishing Touch that Your Bar, Island, or Kitchen Counter Needs

We are the main supplier in Ireland for quality bar stools. We deliver across the country, from Cork, Galway, to Dublin. Bar stools will liven up any room you put them in! Check out our velvet bar stools today because we’re confident you’ll find something you like.